Professional Pool Cleaning Services Coachella Valley

Are you looking for a reliable, professional pool cleaning service in Coachella Valley. The choice is as clear as your pool will be after you experience our service. We are so confident that you will love our pool cleaning service, we would like to offer it to you at an introductory rate of $49.95 for the first month. Crystal Blue thrives on customer satisfaction. We have many references in Coachella Valley ranging from HOAs to private residences. We provide weekly and bi-weekly pool service to all Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Bermuda Dunes, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Indio. Give us a call today at (760) 485-1463 and experience the Crystal Blue difference.

Full Service Weekly Pool Cleaning

Crystal Blue REO Pool Service offers full service weekly pool cleaning that includes twice a week visits and all regular pool chemicals. We follow a cleaning process that includes: skimming the pool surface, cleaning the baskets, testing the pools chemical levels, adjust pool chemical levels, inspect all pool Equipment, vacuum pool and spa as needed and brush walls.


Crystal Blue Pool Cleaning Services


Chemical Only Pool Service

Our pool chemical only service offers once per week service that includes pool chemical testing and chemical balancing only, while the homeowner still maintains the cleaning.

Green Pool Clean Up Service

We handle all conditions of a green pool from algae just starting to grow, all the way to pools that are so green you can’t even see the bottom. There is no pool clean up we can’t handle. Call for a free quote on cleaning 760-485-1463.

Pool Filter Cleaning

We can clean, replace cartridges, replace grids or replace your entire swimming pool filter. We clean and service DE Filters, Cartridge Filters, and Sand Filters. Your cartridge filter should be cleaned every 3 months. Your DE filters should have a complete DE tear down and cleaning every 3 months to inspect the filter grids and remove packed on DE as well as be backwashed regularly. We typically backwash DE filters every other week during service (more often if there are issues with the pool). We also change the sand in your sand filter (recommended every 5 years). Many pool problems are a result of not following these guidelines. Proper maintenance of your pool filter is very important. Filter cleaning is a small charge but its set up on a maintenance plan along with the service that you choose.

Water testing

We also provide testing for the level of your pool’s Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). What is TDS? ALL water has solids in it, metals and components that do not break down. As new water is put into the pool and old water evaporates the solids are left behind. So the amount of TDS that is left in the pool water continues to grow. When the total dissolved solids in your pool are too high, your water can no longer absorb and use any more chlorine, rendering your pool chemicals useless against bacteria and algae. The only solution to a high level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is to drain your pool water and refill your pool and balance your pool chemicals. Typically a good rule of thumb is to drain and refill the pool once every 3 to 4 years even if the water looks clear. As well we can check for phosphates and any number of other items that deter the pool man from keeping a clear pool.

Salt Cell Cleaning

Salt systems are very common in the desert. We have extensive experience with cleaning and repairing salt systems. Typically runs about $25 for a cleaning.

Pool Conditioner Treatment

Pool conditioner is also known as Cyanuric Acid. This is a component that works with the chlorine to improve the useful life of the chlorine. It is very important that this level is held in a range between 60 and 80 ppm. Too low and the chlorine just dissolves away fast and it’s a waste of chemicals. Too high and the pool can go into what is called chlorine lock and the chlorine levels may be plenty high, but they are not working. Chlorine lock is when the free chlorine and the conditioner fight each other and ignore the algae and bacteria in the pool.

Acid Wash or Chlorine Wash

During an Acid Wash we will drain the entire pool using our own equipment. The pump has an auto shut off so the customer doesn’t have to be home, doesn’t have to do anything. We set up the pump, normally in the evening and let it run overnight then come back the next morning to work. An acid wash is a popular choice for cleaning tough stains off plaster pool walls. An acid wash uses gallons of Muriatic Acid. The acid will literally “etch” or eat away a small layer of the pools plaster, revealing the fresh and white layer underneath. This type of cleaning is intense and better suited for removing tougher stains in the plaster. However, due to the nature of an acid wash, this type of cleaning should NOT be performed on a regular basis. A yearly acid wash, for example, would shorten the normal life span of a plaster pool as layer after small layer would be removed each year. However, the occasional use of an acid wash is a great tool for restoring a “clean look” to a dirty surface. An acid wash is not a cure all. The best results from an acid wash will be when the plaster is still in decent shape, the acid wash does not guarantee that all stains will come out. Sometimes a stain can be set deeply in the plaster and removal of that large of a layer will do damage to the pool. An acid wash is normally not possible, nor will it help, when the plaster in very old and thin. The stains may be penetrating through many layers of plaster, and cannot be cleaned, even with an acid wash. Pebble Tech pools are also acid washed when they have stubborn stains. An acid wash is very effective on Pebble Techs with mineral stains (mineral build up will appear purple). The Pebble Tech surface is much stronger than a plaster surface and can withstand an acid wash more regularly. You should always hire a local pool maintenance company that has experience doing acid washes to perform the acid wash. The muriatic acid is a toxic chemical and needed to be handled as such. If the acid is left too long on the pool plaster it will literally start burning into the plaster. It is highly advised that you hire a professional pool company to perform this type of pool cleaning. An acid wash or chlorine wash does NOT remove the white calcium build up commonly found on the water line here in the desert. This build up needs a completely different type of cleaning called bead blasting and is priced separately from an acid wash. At the time of tile cleaning or acid washing is a great time to do both services, as they both require the pool water to be drained. There would be little point and additional cost to drain a pool twice. A Chlorine wash is a similar process to the acid wash, but does not affect the pool surface. Chlorine washes are typically used more for the treatment of an extremely green pool or to try and combat black algae.

One Time Pool Clean Up? Call for a quote. 760-485-1463

Pool Tile Cleaning and Calcium Removal from pool tile, pool rock features, and water fall features (Bead Blasting).

Swimming Pool Bead Blasting is a term for the cleaning process by which glass particles are shot against pool surface at low speeds using high compression air. Much like sandblasting, bead blasting is a surface treatment that produces a smooth, even finish. Materials used for pool blasting vary from soft and fine to larger and more firm. Each of these materials is used for specific applications and produce distinct surface finishes. The softer bead would be used for fancier tile and firmer bead for boulder and concrete work. We use glass beads primarily for all applications. There are many types of media used to remove calcium deposits from a pool’s waterline. Our experience has taught us that glass beads are best when it comes to blasting pool tile lines. Not only will glass bead blasting take a fraction of the amount of time that a pumice stone or brush will, it also does less damage to the tile and does a better more complete cleaning than any other media available for blasting pool tile. Plus, cleaning up is easy! We use a portable vacuum system that removes the glass beads and calcium fragments from your pool, leaving you no mess to clean.

Pool bead blasting is not a do-it-yourself project. Let a well practiced Bead Blasting company take all the mess and frustration out of cleaning your pool tile and rock work. Our tools and equipment are custom made for pool bead blasting, and we use glass beads for the best results.[/one_whole]

Other Pool Services & Repairs

We can repair any equipment or trouble shoot any issues that you are having problems with.
Typically runs $125, our pump and time and we will leave the pool bone dry. Does not include any cleaning just water removal.
Any leaks around the pool equipment should be fixed. Water around the equipment is never a good sign and should be properly repaired. A leak allows air into the system, reducing performance and wearing the pool equipment out sooner. As well as making it more likely that the filtration system may not have the chance to operate efficiently and keep the water as clean as possible.
We can replace burnt out pool light bulbs, replace bad gaskets, and determine and fix the cause of water in your pool light. Many times the bulb has gone bad because the GFI has gone bad. We will inspect, fix, and replace the GFI associated with the light and make sure all breakers are operating correctly.
We can repair your automatic pool cleaner or install a new automatic cleaner. We service all major brands of pool cleaners including Hayward, Polaris, Pentair Kreepy Krauly and Zodiac Pool Cleaners.

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