Pool Deck Construction Coachella Valley

There are a variety of ways of constructing a pool deck based on the size of the pool and the building materials available for the development. Construction also depends on the taste of the owner of the home and the design that he or she prefers. Most individuals would prefer their decks to be designed with concrete paver stones.  Others prefer tiles, while a good number opt to go with typical concrete decking.  This last option may not give the deck a sense of style but it’s actually the least expensive,  so you won’t need to dig as deep into your pockets.

Pool Deck Constructed with Concrete Pavers

These are perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing and if not, then they are just a step from being the best. Compared to other pool decks these are built with concrete pavers are simple to maintain and manage as they are easy to remove and replace. These types interlock to create a gorgeous surface that is well patterned and attracting to the eye.  To make this choice better, there are of different designs and thus, gives an individual a wide range to choose from based on their preference. As it is said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This variety gives you many options from colors to different patterns which allows you to choose and to use what each individual likes.

Pool decks made from concrete pavers are in addition easy to clean and do not catch dirt easily. This advantage makes these some of the most preferred by home owners, hotels and other amenities that are equipped with pools. Another great benefit of these decks is that they are comfortable, especially if one would like to bask in the sun after a long swim. The decks can often offer the required warmth when one lies on them, thus making pool time much more enjoyable. They also have a longer life span than other pool decks and if well-maintained, can take years to wear down.

Pool Decks Made of Tiles

These also come in different designs and selections, providing the client options to choose that which pleases him or her. Although these have the tendency to be a bit slippery than those made of pavers, they look more attractive and appealing to viewers. Tiled pool decks are getting more and more common in homes and hotels because of the appealing taste that tiles produce in the views of the users as a result of the different colors and decorations. Just like those decks constructed using concrete pavers, tiled pool decks are easily maintained by replacing worn out tiles by new ones.

Concrete pool decks

Although not quite appealing to the eye, these have the advantage of not being as expensive to construct and they only take sand and cement which are mixed and then applied around the swimming pool. This makes these types of decks more economical than the others mentioned previously.

These three types of decks are the most common in pools and will give the pool a sense of touch and finesse. A good pool deck is one that keeps the people coming back, so take your pick and stick with it.  This type of decking can be done in several color options to help the appearance.

Also for existing decks that are in good shape, we have options for acid staining that would change the color and enhance older fading concrete.  We can do this for all types of decking, patios, sidewalks or garage floors.