Pool Remodeling Services Coachella Valley

Swimming pool remodels are a great idea. Just like remodeling your home, an upgrade can refresh its look, add luxury, and maximize your backyard enjoyment. Renovation can, and should, go beyond the pool itself. For a great outdoor living space, consider the deck, patio, and landscaping together. Combined, that can make a big impact on your enjoyment and increase your home’s value. Don’t continue to put up with an old outdated backyard in disrepair. Call Crystal Blue to discover all the ways you can renew your pool and fully enjoy your yard.

Small Renovations

Going just a bit beyond required maintenance, small changes in your swimming pool area can make a big difference in appearance and pleasure. For example, don’t just replace deteriorating safety light fixtures. Consider a lighting system design to create special moods or dramatic effects for the entire area. That can include special lighting not just for your pool and walkways, but also for fountains, decks, patios, and architectural features of your home. At night your backyard can become an enchanted outdoor palace. When you need resurfacing, there’s many attractive upgrades to consider for a new look. A plaster finish is still the standard, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Be sure the finishing materials are high quality and intended for swimming pools and low-maintenance. You can also incorporate a variety of aggregates, including pebbles and glass beads. Tiles are widely regarded as the most attractive, and can include decorative mosaics. You can limit this to tiles to the top level to reduce costs and still reap the benefits. The finish affects a pool’s durability and lifetime. Protect your major investment by going beyond the basics.

Complete Remodels

Renovation can also include some major additions. Water features are a natural for pool areas, and can be visually stunning or just a small addition. Walls and free-form natural stones are a great backdrop for the splash of a waterfall or the babbling of cascading brook.

Even without water, stonework can hide nearby buildings and create a special enclosed environment. Just for fun, you could add a water slide for kids (and grownup kids), anything from a straight slide to your own water park. Curves and inclines can be gentle or dramatic, and water slides can be integrated into natural-looking rock features. Fountains and jets are also popular with both kids for playtime and adults as an attractive pool remodel.
Stonework, or artificial stone construction, can create special private places — a mountain grotto or hidden cave — for a romantic getaway or just a place to escape the daily world. With free-form pools, these can be part of the pool itself with swim-up seating.
If you don’t have one already, you’ll also want to consider adding a hot tub or jacuzzi. Hydrotherapy is great for health and relaxation, helping you to unwind after work, ease muscle and joint pain, and relax for a better night’s sleep.

Practical Changes

A remodel is a great time for some practical upgrades.
With rising energy costs it’s worthwhile to upgrade to a more efficient pump; they typically use 30 to 45% less electricity. Adding a pool cover usually keeps the water 10 degrees warmer. In the summer that can reduce heating costs to 1/10 of what they would be otherwise. Year-round a cover can reduce chemical use by 70% and dramatically reduce water consumption. These upgrades will pay for themselves in savings.
Remodeling is also the time to reassess safety. Do your have suction anti-entrapment features (safety vacuum release, safety drain covers)? Are your alarms and fencing up to the task of protecting your children and those of your friends and neighbors?

And More

Don’t stop at just the pool remodel. Ideally, you’d like to have a well-planned backyard environment including decking, patios, and landscaping. Would you your backyard to be more formal? Or a natural intimate getaway? Or a functional area for entertaining family, friends, and co-workers?
New decking can tie your pool, patio, and home together. Low cost solutions include pored concrete and stained concrete. Some people prefer wood decking and patios, despite a bit of extra maintenance. Concrete, brick, and travertine pavers are also popular. Blue Crystal has the extensive experience and skills requires for breath-taking natural stone work.
Could your patio use an update? A well-designed patio cover can provide shade, while leaving designated areas of the patio or deck open for sunbathing. With our hot local climate, a misting system can be just the thing. A BBQ island is a great addition for outdoor cooking and entertaining, and a fire pit is the perfect focal point for long talks with friends or that special someone.

Why Choose Crystal Blue Pools and Patios?

At Crystal Blue our goal is to enhance your outdoor living experience by providing a full line of pool remodel services.
We have 10 years experience specializing in the Coachela Valley desert area, and maintain both pool and general contracting licenses. We’re experts in swimming pool construction, remodeling, repair, maintenance, and service. Crystal Blue works closely with our sister company Artistic Landscape Design to take care of all your backyard needs.
Give us a call if you’d like a beautiful transformation, quality construction and service, and reduced-cost no-hassle maintenance and operation.