Swimming Pool Service and Repair

Other than your house, your swimming pool is your most valuable asset at the property.

The reason we bring this up is because, unfortunately, it’s not unusual that some pool owners don’t realize this, assuming that their pool’s water is simple to maintain. They do not realize that the water chemistry is crucial to people’ health as well as most aspects of how pool equipment functions and the condition of pool surfaces!

So what can, and should, you do to safeguard this very valuable investment?

Our cleaning services will keep your swimming pool water clean and properly chemically balanced. We will inspect your pool’s equipment and ensure everything is functioning properly. Should any equipment repairs be necessary to maintain function, with your approval, we will carry out repairs or change malfunctioning parts or make recommendations.

We additionally offer other services apart from cleaning and repairs, such as

Complete In-Ground Pool & Spa Renovation
Surface Installations Including: Pebble, Plaster and Tile
Ceramic & Decorative Tile Installation, Replacement and Repair
Natural Rock Waterfalls and Accent Features
Concrete & Deck Surfaces
Equipment Sales & Installations, Including Pumps, Energy-Efficient Motors, Filters, Heaters, Cleaning Systems and Salt Systems
All repairs from minor to major
Raising equipment to ground level from pits
Depth Conversions and Structure Modifications
Lighting Repairs, Upgrades and Installations
Interior Surface Repairs, including Pebble and Pebble Sheen
Acid washes
Bead blasting (tile clean)