Complete Pool and Patio Services for Rancho Mirage, California

Are you looking for reliable and professional pool service in Rancho Mirage, California? Need pool repairs or thinking about a major backyard upgrade? Crystal Blue Pools and Patios can handle it all!
We’re ready for twice-weekly, weekly, and monthly swimming pool cleaning and chemical services as well as pool repairs and pool remodeling. We’re also experienced in new pool design and construction, Alumawood patio covers, and concrete paving.
We’ve been the local desert pool specialists since 2005. We’re fully licensed, with both swimming pool and general contractor’s licenses. We offer affordable and dependable pool services, from chemical testing to renovating your entire backyard with a new pool, patio, fire pit, and landscaping. Our well trained technicians are friendly and compulsive about customer satisfaction.
We’re so confident in our services we’re offering a 1 month trial special rate for Rancho Mirage. Whether you’re looking for a weekly pool cleaning service you can count on, or an entirely new outdoor living space, just give us a call.

pool service Rancho Mirage, CaliforniaRancho Mirage Pool Service

You want the best in services to bring you sparkling clean water for your health and enjoyment, but also to prevent problems that can be expensive to correct. A swimming pool is an asset second only to your home, so it deserves protection. If you’re a new pool owner you may not realize just how time consuming cleaning can be, and just how vital (and difficult) maintaining water chemistry can be. There’s so much equipment to look after and so many surfaces to maintain.
Let Crystal Blue provide the pool services you need to keep your swimming pool at its best, assure your enjoyment, and protect your investment. We’ll take the load off you.

Pool Cleaning Rancho Mirage, CaliforniaRegular Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning and maintaining the best balance in water chemistry are the backbone of good maintenance. We offer a variety of twice-weekly, weekly, and monthly pool services in the Rancho Mirage area.
With our scheduled visits, we’ll skim the surface; clean the baskets, perform chemical tests, adjust the chemicals as needed, and inspect all equipment. Also, as needed, we’ll vacuum the bottom and brush the walls. If you’d prefer to do the cleaning yourself, we can just do weekly chemical tests and adjustments. We’re also trained and experienced in salt cell cleaning and offer very inexpensive services.
We’ll also maintain water conditioners, algaecide, and filter treatments as well as backwash filters as needed. Cartridge filters need this every few months, whereas DE (diatomaceous earth) filters need a complete tear-down and cleaning every 3 months. Sand filters need frequent backwashing, and the sand should be replaced about every 5 years.

Pool Repair

Our scheduled service includes inspection of your swimming pool’s equipment. If we find any problems we will, with your approval, perform pool repairs and equipment replacement. This is most often something minor such as gaskets or in-pool light bulbs, tile repair, or some more significant plumbing problems. We’re experienced and thoroughly familiar with all types of equipment, including automatic cleaners.

Pool Remodel

Just like remodeling your home, a pool remodel can refresh or even completely change the look of your outdoor space, and even increase your Rancho Mirage home’s value. You can go for just a few changes, or you can go big.
As an example of an inexpensive upgrade, the next time you need any lighting repairs, consider replacing them with an upgrade to dramatic or other mood lighting for an enchanting backyard. Is it time to resurface your pool? Consider color and texture options such as pebbles and glass beads, as well as an upgrade to mosaic or decorative tile.
Water features are a popular major enhancement. They can be a small and artistic, or large and visually stunning. Free-from natural stonework can create a grotto or private cave, a waterfall, or just a natural wall or focal feature. If you have kids (or enjoy waterparks yourself), water slides are a terrific addition.
You should also consider some practical upgrades. New pumps, filters, and heaters can deliver significant energy savings, especially when combined with energy-efficiency monitors. It’s also worth considering the latest in filters, salt systems, and automatic cleaners.
There’s no need to stop at the swimming pool. Crystal Blue stands ready to work on decks and patios, and works locally with an expert landscaping professional for a well-coordinated overall outdoor living space.

Alumawood Patio Covers Rancho Mirage Authorized Installer

Crystal Blue features Alumawood patio covers. This building system has the beauty of painted and natural wood combined with the low maintenance and long lifetime of aluminum. A patio cover will provide the shade and intimacy to extend your enjoyment in the sunny dessert. Whether it’s a major BBQ get together or just a quiet getaway by yourself, you love your extended living space.

As you’ve seen, Crystal Blue Pools and Patio is your Rancho Mirage experts for everything from simple weekly pool cleaning to pool repair, a pool remodel, and patio covers to an entirely new outdoor living space. We promise the highest quality with trained, experienced, and reliable pool experts.
Give us a call to find out what we can do for you.