Water Mister Systems

Water misting cooling systems have indeed turned out to be more efficient than traditional techniques for cooling outdoor locations like a patio, or dining area. Appreciate your patio all day! Even on the warmest summer day, a mister can drop the outdoor temperature by up to 25 degrees F (depending on your water pressure), allowing you to enjoy your backyard even during the scorching late afternoon hours.

Fogco water misting systems integrate water and pressure to offer ultimate cooling. Mist nozzles are installed overhead and run under high pressure to generate tiny water droplets lowering the surrounding air temperature. A high end mist system can reach maximum cooling without wetting or residual moisture.

Fogco Misters

No need to escape the heat by moving indoors and using your air conditioning system. You can cool outdoors on your patio by turning on the misters. Once the misters have been installed, the expense is much lower than the cost of your AC operating for the same period of time!

Your alternatives for misting system are many.  We typically use a direct drive Fogco pump, the best on the market.  They are an easy addition to your patio or deck that can provide pleasant cooling options for the brutal desert heat.  Professional installation saves you time and trouble and assures that the system meets all standards.  Specifications for the run and misters are always pre specified by the Fogco representatives to make sure that the system is set to hold your individual capacity.

Here’s to a relaxed and cool summer with some planning you can better enjoy your patio.

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