BBQ islands and Fire Pits

Have you factored in a BBQ Island as the centerpiece of your overall backyard plans? Most of us are somewhere in the middle when it involves our backyard design ideas. You may want more than just a nice grill, but you really don’t want or need a full-blown first-rate outdoor kitchen, or perhaps you can’t invest that much money. The good news is that there are lots of options between. Perhaps the easiest and most functional options are found in the large family of BBQ islands.

What exactly is a Barbeque Island?

BBQ islands are known by a number of names, including outdoor kitchen islands, grill islands and barbeque islands. Several models are easily identifiable as islands, while others are so big they seem more like full-scale kitchens, only outdoors.  You can pick from a list of suitable options such as a built-in grill, outdoor refrigerators, side burners, storage options, and more. Select the functions you want, and pretty much design your BBQ Island to your requirements. With some styles you can also choose the base veneer material as well as the counter top material. We can accommodate any size or shape you desire. We have unlimited options for stone and tile finishes that meet everyone’s taste. We also have access to several lines of stainless equipment, from very reasonable to super high end.

Fire pits

You’ve seen them, probably enjoyed hanging around one sipping drinks at your friend’s house. Custom fire pits are a very popular backyard attraction here in the desert. We can design anything from a simple circular or square pit to a fancy water feature that incorporates the fire into the design, Give us a call with your thoughts let’s see what we can come up with once you tell us what you are looking for.